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Eco-Friendly Water-Soluble Embroidery Thread for Temporary Stitching

Sale price$5.99 USD


Polyester: 98%
Reflective Fiber: 2%

Suggested Needle Size

Topstitch 90/14
Organ HAX1 SP 90/14

Yarn Length/Weight

200m(219yds) per 13g(0.46oz)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
great thread!

I used this water soluble thread from blingblingyarn to sew the quilt, after sewing the quilt with a large tack, I set my sewing machine to long stitch and used the water soluble thread to sew lines on the quilt in both directions at 6 inches to 8 inches in one direction. I removed the large head stitch as I sewed.

When I finished stitching the grid, my quilt was completely stable, but all the pins were gone. Now I can concentrate on the actual machine sewing without having to go around the needle.

After finishing all the quilting, I will gently wash the entire quilt to remove my markings and water soluble threads. I can dip the quilt into the washing machine and remove it and the water soluble threads are gone!

Versatile, Great Quality & Price

A great thread for basting or using to do the beginning of trapunto work. It isn’t invisible, very easy to see when you are using it-yet totally dissolves without a trace when washed or comes in contact with any liquid. When using it for hand sewing, knotting the thread can be a challenge. I never realized how handy it was-so glad I bought the big spool.


Discover the Brilliance of BlingBling Reflective Embroidery Thread

Reflective Embroidery Thread

Stitching Techniques:

  • Utilize standard embroidery stitches: Choose stitches like backstitch, satin stitch, or running stitch to ensure the reflective thread stands out effectively.
  • Experiment with thread tension: Adjusting tension might be necessary for smooth stitching.